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Ultrasound Technician Schools/Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Degree

Medical ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique based on the application of sound waves to develop ultrasound images of what’s going on inside the body. It is used to see internal body structures such as tendons, muscles, joints, vessels and internal organs. Its aim is to find a source of disease or to exclude pathology.

The Workforce: As a Diagnostic Sonographers or Ultrasound Technician you will perform ultrasound studies ordered by physicians in gathering sonographic data to diagnose a variety of conditions and diseases.

Job Opportunities:
 As a graduate you will work in a variety of environments based on specialty. The majority of technicians will work in general medical and surgical hospitals, physician offices, medical and diagnostic laboratories, and outpatient care centers.

Applied Skills
: As a graduate you will have learned how to perform the appropriate procedures, operating the ultrasound equipment, and records anatomical, pathological, and/or physiological and sonographic data, and other pertinent observations made during the procedure.

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Ultrasound Technician Schools – Top Programs

The healthcare industry has continued its upward pace of growth for many years now and it’s expected to continue for many years more. A career in the healthcare industry is going to be a lucrative one and the sooner you enter the field the better. One of the best ways to get involved is by finding one of the many ultrasound technician schools.

One of the main reasons for someone to start as an ultrasound technician is because a college degree is not normally required. It’s a technical position that does require special training, but it’s a small amount compared to earning a 4 year degree. The other plus side is that pay can be significantly higher than someone with a high school diploma and nothing else to show for it.

Ultrasound technician training can take up to 2 years if you’d like to earn an associate’s degree, but many training programs will prepare you in much less time.

Become A Ultrasound Technician

ultrasound technician Harmony INThe most commonly thought of duty for ultrasound technicians is the imaging of unborn babies. This is just what most people naturally think of when the term ultrasound comes up, but there are more uses for this imaging technology. It’s also used to diagnose issues with internal organs. Some examples are heart health, abdominal sonography, and gynecology.

That being said, the work life of an ultrasound tech can vary based on the specialty you decide, as many technicians will focus on one or several similar aspects of imaging. Diagnosing illness will differ a lot from working in a gynecologist’s office where most of your time is imaging babies.


Typical duties can include:

  • Positioning the patient for proper imaging angles
  • Explaining the process to patients in an assuring way
  • Setting up equipment for proper imaging in each scenario
  • Recurrent training to maintain and learn new skills as technology and techniques improve
  • Maintain patient records accurately

Ultrasound Technician Training

Regardless of your experience, or lack of, in the medical field you will need training from one of the many X-Ray technician schools to become an ultrasound technician. You have a few choices for this.

One Year Certificate Programs

These are designed to teach you the basics of ultrasound use and get you on the job market. Many of these programs are also at radiology technician schools or schools with multiple healthcare training programs. The downside to these is that you will be near the bottom of the applicant pool if you do not have any healthcare experience already.

Two Year Programs

These programs are designed to give you an Associate’s degree in addition to the training you need to become an ultrasound technician. The degree includes extra classes to familiarize yourself more with the healthcare industry as a whole and more prepare you for the job. Because of the added education involved, it places you towards the middle of the applicant pool and may involve a higher pay than a one year program.

Four Year Programs

Four year programs are supposed to provide you with a bachelor’s degree and educate you further on the health care sector while expanding your general education. This is a lot more valuable than a one year program and will lead to an increase of pay over both alternatives above. In addition to being at the higher ranks of the applicant pool, you’ll likewise have the ability to train in specialist regions of sonography.College graduates are more sought after than just high school grads so contemplating ultrasound technician schools will provide you with an upper hand. If you’re not interested in ultrasound then perhaps you’ll consider x ray technician schools instead. Both are similar and will provide you with a promising career, but either way, in the event you’re interested, begin by locating ultrasound technician schools and talk to them about their programs.